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An Engineering Showcase for All

Taken by Sumaiya Haque.
Taken by Sumaiya Haque.

Collaboration is vital to success as an engineer; it is an aspect that is encouraged and celebrated through Virginia Tech’s advanced resources, welcoming faculty, and overall enthusiastic school spirit. Virginia Tech students are not the only avid learners that would benefit from the sense of fellowship that has been fostered, and what better way to spread the knowledge and fun than through a community event! One such opportunity that will not want to be missed will be taking place on October 29th and is being jointly hosted by the Alfred Street Baptist Church, CEED, and Virginia Tech’s College Access Collaborative. The Naomi-Lee Recreation Center in Alexandria will be the grounds for the Virginia Tech STEM & College Fair, which will feature a combination of educational and entertaining activities. Students grades K-12 will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the detailed world of engineering beyond the textbook through hands-on activities that are sure to spark an interest and new ideas for the next generation of engineers.

Therapy dog session
Therapy dog session with students. Taken by Meredith DePuy

Parents will have their own opportunity to expand their engineering knowledge as well as their understanding of the college admission process through college prep sessions. Heading off to a new campus, deciding on a major to pursue, and feeling confident that one’s chosen college is the right fit is certainly no small feat. A prep session with a knowledgeable faculty member with experience and your best interests in mind is without a doubt a worthwhile resource for both parents and their incoming students. Student-led panel discussions are additional methods for learning more about Virginia Tech, its engineering programs, and life within college without the confusion of random statistics available online or assumptions made from alternative sources. After all, the best way to make inquiries clear and receive an honest glimpse into a college’s various programs is to hear it from a student who is currently experiencing all that Virginia Tech has to offer.

Building at Virginia Tech.
Building at Virginia Tech. Taken by Meredith DePuy

Virginia Tech would not function as an institution without the diligent work and tireless dedication of its faculty members, characteristics that are clear within the array of engineering professors and teaching assistants. An engineering showcase would certainly not be complete if the faculty was absent, so rest assured that a departmental fair will be taking place as part of the event. Their experienced perception of the world of engineering and the ins and outs of a Virginia Tech education will be only a question away, and you are sure to be met with a more than willing individual.

Radford Engineering Showcase
Radford Engineering Showcase 2022. Taken by Adeline Ghosh.

The purpose of the Alexandria Engineering Showcase lies in the undeniable importance of supporting youth in their search for academic and career success while satisfying their curiosity to learn about the world around them. The showcase will undoubtedly connect a new generation of students with Virginia Tech as both an institution and a resource. As younger students get to meet and ask current students and teachers questions, they simultaneously have the opportunity to put a face to a potential instructor, peer, and perhaps even a mentor. Most importantly, the Engineering Showcase creates an opportunity for students to step beyond the classroom and into their futures.

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