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Letter From the Editor

Welcome to the September 2023 issue of Engineers’ Forum!

We hope everyone is geared up and ready for the start of the fall semester! With the beginning
of a new semester comes many different opportunities for engineering students.

First up, Sahithi Sarva, highlights a hokie favorite, Gobblerfest! The article walks us through what
Gobblerfest is, as well as how students can make the most out of this club fair. If you want to know
how best to take on this event, this is the article for you!

Are you wondering what to expect from general engineering courses? Zoe Miloszewski’s article
walks us through “weed out” classes, imposter syndrome, as well as her personal experience in
tough classes. This is a great read for everyone as the drop deadline approaches.

For those of you searching for a summer internship for next year, Baibhav Nepal’s piece is a
perfect read to learn about what steps you can take to secure a position. This includes specifics
of how you can be proactive and avoid the stress of strict requirements.

Featuring Virginia Tech’s premier, student-led radio station, Adrian DiMarco covers WUVT. He
dives into the details of the station including the origin, the technology and the functionality of it.
This is a great read about the radio among the great Hokie organizations that train and prepare
the next generation of engineering students for industry.

If you’re curious as to how to get involved with design teams, Kiara Kulkarni, touches on
Astrobotics at Virginia Tech: a design team that participates in the NASA Lunabotics competition.
Learn more about how to get involved and how the team got involved with NASA in this article!

We appreciate your continued support of our mission: to capture the student engineering
experience at Virginia Tech. Enjoy!


Adeline Ghosh

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