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Letter From the Editor

Welcome to the April 2023 issue of Engineers’ Forum!


We hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather and finishing off the spring semester strong! As the end of the spring semester draws near, the engineering department has had many different opportunities for its students. 

First up, Ethan Chung, highlights the Cameo Career Fair. The article walks us through what Cameo is, as well as how students can participate in the career fair. The insider information featured here also talks about the number of companies that participated. If you want to know how to score an internship during the next career fair, this is the article for you!


Are you interested in studying abroad? Zoe Miloszewski’s article walks us through the Virginia Tech’s Rising Sophomore Abroad Program. This is a great read for everyone interested in the requirements to study abroad, as well as what that experience looks like. This is a great read to learn about what opportunities VT is offering for students to travel the world.


For those of you new to Virginia Tech or looking for a sense of community, Jasmine Mendez’s piece is a perfect read to learn about CEED’s Peer Mentoring Program. This includes specifics of what the program does, the opportunities provided, and how to get involved. 


Featuring the Student Space-Design Competition Provides Unique Opportunity for the Future of Science, Aine O'Reilly covers the CanSat competition arranged by the American Astronautical Society (AAS). She dives into how the CanSat competition offers students a unique opportunity to design and create a functional product.

If you’re curious as to how and why you should pursue undergraduate research, Adrian DiMarco, highlights the nitty gritty details on what the process looks like. It touches on the types of criterion the Hume Center and other defense opportunities may require as well as various student perspectives on research.

We appreciate your continued support of our mission: to capture the student engineering experience at Virginia Tech. Enjoy! 


Adeline Ghosh

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