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Engineering Expo: Career Fair

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Student Info Section. Photo / CAMEO
Student Info Section. Photo / CAMEO

With vaccinations rolling out with full force and Virginia Tech deciding on a full in-person experience for the fall semester, many new opportunities have opened up for new and current students at Virginia Tech.

Networking is arguably one of the most important parts of finding one’s dream job and the Engineering Expo is the perfect opportunity for students to fast-track their careers. The Engineering Expo is an annual event hosted by the Student Engineers Council (SEC) to connect students with companies offering internships, co-ops, and even full-time positions. With over 200 companies attending, the Engineering Expo is the perfect chance for students to interact and network with representatives from their dream


The Engineering Expo will be hosted from September 14th to 17th. Unlike previous years, the SEC has adopted a hybrid-style format for the career fair where students can interact with companies both in-person from September 14th to 16th and virtually from September 16th to 17th. The decision was made so that students and employers can have maximum fluidity, freedom, and safety while networking amidst the ongoing pandemic. The companies registered, the days they will be attending, and all the information related to the engineering expo companies can be found at:

Registration Process

The Engineering Expo will be using Brazen, a virtual career fair platform, as a registration portal for this year. Students must register beforehand for each day they wish to attend the expo with their VT email. More information can be found at:


To ensure maximum success for students at the engineering expo, the SEC has prepared an extensive list of resources that are easily accessible on their website. Several engineering organizations will be hosting expo preparation workshops where they will go over resumes, crafting an elevator pitch, and much more. The SEC is also hosting the Leadership, Engagement, and Career Virtual Event Series in which different speakers from companies, academic institutions, and student organizations will cover topics

ranging from entrepreneurship to diversity. The SEC also has curated a blog dedicated to some of the top companies coming to the Engineering Expo this year, so feel free to check them out.

Expo Information

The Engineering Expo will start at 9:00 am and end at 4:00 pm every day. The company booths will be open to students at 9:00 am and representatives will be able to interact with students at 10:00 am after setting up their booth. Due to the high number of

students, each recruiter will be assigned 10 minutes with a student which can be extended at the recruiter’s discretion. Through Brazen, each student will be

able to see the approximate wait time for each company. While the default option for interacting and networking with recruiters is a one-on-one text chat through Brazen, companies that have enabled video conferencing will be able to have a video chat with

students anytime during the conversation.

Unlike last year, SEC will not be hosting company interviews. Each company will have separate interviews through third-party applications. Additionally, as Brazen may be a new platform for many students, the SEC will be uploading demo tutorials and relevant

information on their website and social media accounts. The expo is open to all engineering students (including freshmen!) so start honing your resumes and elevator pitch, don’t hesitate to network with recruiters, and go get that bread.

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