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  • Johnathan Tan ('22)

Hitt Hall: A Vision of the Future of Construction Engineering

An illustration of Hitt Hall, with accents of orange and maroon.
Graphic / Johnathan Tan

A wave of new construction engineering, management, and building construction majors is about to shake up the status quo at Virginia Tech and respond to

the increasing demand in the growing construction industry. Enter Hitt Hall. Located near West Campus Drive, the building hopes to provide an environment conducive to innovation and development.

In a collaboration between the College of Architecture and Urban Studies and the College of Engineering, Hitt Hall plans to expand the physical presence of the Myer-Lawson School of Construction through the development of a state-of-the-art building. This 100,000 sq. ft. facility will bring together students by forming bridges between different disciplines and contributing critical dining and academic spaces to the overall campus experience.

Conception + Funding

With any construction venture, funding is vital, and this key came in the form of the Hitt family, whose HITT Contracting Foundation contributed $5 million to the realization of this building.

“The Hitt family has always cared deeply about philanthropic efforts and volunteerism, particularly with regards to construction education, technology, and community building.” - Brett Hitt, Co-Chairman of Hitt Contracting
Three men wearing suits sit together.
Brett Hitt (highlighted) with his father, Russell Hitt, and James Millar.

Along with the donations from multiple sources, the building – once completed – will complement the $45.5 million Intelligent Infrastructure Complex currently under development along the western end of campus that incorporates two new interdisciplinary research and education buildings and intelligent dining facilities.

Architectural rendering of the interior of Hitt Hall.
Graphic by Johnathan Tan, Original render courtesy of Virginia Tech Capital Construction.


Designed by Cooper Cary Architects, Hitt Hall will take on a classic collegiate gothic expression, including Virginia Tech’s signature Hokie Stone cladding. With the

hybridization of modernity and tradition, the building will remain aligned with the university’s Campus Design Principles while utilizing newer fabrication techniques.

Complementing the building, are two outdoor terraces integrated seamlessly into the architecture through consistency in materiality.

As the global movement of more environmentally conscious decision-making expands, Hitt Hall will aim to obtain or exceed LEED Silver Certification, a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement and leadership. This checklist covers a wide range

of practices such as utilizing energy-efficient HVAC systems and windows, water-efficient plumbing, refillable water bottle stations, and building materials secured through sustainable procurement practices.

Additionally, Hitt Hall will feature a new dining facility to increase and evenly distribute dining services for students, faculty, and staff on the Blacksburg campus. This 600-seat, full-service multi-venue dining facility will be spread across two floors in the building’s west wing, with flexible general assignment classrooms on the third floor and open collaboration zones.

Construction in a parking lot.
Current construction progress of Hitt Hall. Photo by Johnathan Tan

Community Impact

Despite only having under 200 graduating students in the Construction Engineering major in 2019-2020, the Myer-Lawson School of Construction remains

ambitious. The building’s unique two-story Innovation Lab will provide program opportunities for temporary and large-scale student-based projects, spawning

countless connections between partner companies and students to reinforce the recruiting pipeline that exists today.

“Hitt Hall will enable us to double the undergraduate enrollment in our Construction Engineering and Management and Building Construction programs.” - Rosemary Blieszner, Interim Dean, College of Architecture and Urban Studies

Architecture rendering of the exterior of Hitt Hall.
Graphic by Johnathan Tan, render courtesy of Virginia Tech Capital Construction.

Looking Ahead

Since obtaining the funding approval from Virginia Tech’s Board of Visitors in August 2021, Hiit Hall has gone on to break ground on February 2, 2022, in a ceremony attended by school leaders and donors, which marked the beginning of the construction

currently underway. This vision of the Myer-Lawson School of Construction’s future ambition aims at completion in the spring of 2024.

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