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Why Should I Join a Virginia Tech Club?

As a sophomore at Virginia Tech, I firmly believe that there's a perfect club or organization for every student on campus. As we approach the fall semester, numerous students are actively seeking to engage with new professional organizations. Fortunately, Virginia Tech has over one thousand clubs, offering ample opportunities for involvement. Participating in these clubs is not just a part of the college experience; it's also a crucial step in preparing for the student’s future career. Many of Virginia Tech's clubs are focused on equipping students with the skills they need for their desired professional field. Remarkably, a plethora of professional organizations and clubs at Virginia Tech have achieved an outstanding job placement rate exceeding 90 percent, showing the success and significance of joining a Virginia Tech club.

Although Virginia Tech does an impressive job with its professional organizations, the non-academic ones are just as outstanding. The campus offers an astonishing diversity of clubs, catering to a wide spectrum of interests, whether it's eating chicken and waffles on a Friday or collaborating with General Motors on engineering battery electric vehicles. Clubs such as these are a great way to get involved on campus and help build networking skills, professional skills, work experience, and long-lasting friendships.

What is Gobblerfest?

On September 1st from 4 PM to 7 PM, Virginia Tech hosted Gobblerfest on the Drillfield. Gobblerfest is a yearly free event in which over 700 clubs set up booths to encourage students to join their organizations. Gobblerfest was started during the Fall of 2008 and has now become an exciting Virginia Tech tradition with live performances, food, and games. Gobblerfest is a great way to become aware of clubs on campus and become involved socially, academically, and professionally. Many students become connected with their sororities, fraternities, honors societies, and athletics through Gobblerfest. As a freshman, I knew I wanted to be heavily involved on campus; however, I was unsure of how to do so and became quickly overwhelmed. Gobblerfest personally helped me to become a part of career guidance groups, cultural student associations, research projects, and the Engineer’s Forum. However, Gobblerfest is not the only way to join organizations and become involved on campus.

(The complete list of clubs and organizations presented at Gobblerfest can be found on Virginia Tech’s Student Affairs- Student Engagement and Campus Life website section.)

What is GobblerConnect?

If you were unable to attend Gobblerfest, GobblerConnect is another outstanding resource to help get connected within the Hokie community. GobblerConnect is a website that provides student access to information about student organizations. Through GobblerConnect, Virginia Tech students are able to search for clubs, events around campus, contact information for organization leaders, and more. I think this is a great resource specifically because of all the contact information provided. Many incoming and current freshmen are still unsure of their future academic plans. Joining clubs and organizations is a great way to become familiar with various fields and careers. With the contact information and descriptions provided on GobblerConnect, students can reach out to student leaders for career and college advice and information. GobblerConnect also displays social events on and off campus. These social events are a great way to meet new people, get connections, and make new friends.

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